Panorama picture of Cheerio Calligraphy Workshop from September 2011 with John Stevens and Billy McClain; 2 Lines interacting and Book, from start to finish.
Here is a panorama of the the Cheerio Calligraphy Workshop for the week of September 18-23, 2011 with John Stevens & Billy McClain. The Participants are: Jan Hurst, Mariko Homer, Anne Cowie, Susan Davis, John Ebel, Cecelia Harris, Heather Lee, Manuel Murillo, Liz Simmonds, Takako Takigawa, Joyce Teta, Eugenia Uhl, Sandy Wagner, Renee Alexander, Jo Ann Buzulencia, Mek Frinchaboy, Sally Gooze, Terry Kempfert, Betsy Maguire, Lilo Meany, Ginger Miedel, Susie Ross, Mark Wright, Barbara Yale-Read and Pat Evans. I worked with the photos I had, thus this is only a small showing of what was created in this wonderful week. Thank you for supporting Calligraphy, Cheerio and each other (and Billy & Me). | Return to Cheerio> :–)