Calligraphy Centre is holding local workshops featuring artists that will teach beginners and intermediate learners the skills and ideas to enhance their creative abilities. Anyone is welcome, but these classes feature an "introductory" approach, making this important art available to every level. Please check back as this page will be updated often as new classes are added. Don't forget to check our our blog; Our current classes are listed at right. We also sponsor Cheerio, which is a unique, week-long retreat featuring world-class artists at the top of their field. Beginner and advanced alike can expand their horizons here.

To sign-up for all workshops: Jim Teta | 336.724. 5475

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Classes @ Calligraphy Centre
Winter 2014
We are pleased to have visiting Artist / Calligrapher from Buenos Aires: Silvia Cordero Vega. She will teach 2 classes:
Ruling Pen Pirouettes
Funky Capitals

February 2014
Copperplate w/ John Stevens

February 4,11,18,25, 2014





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