News at Calligraphy Centre:

Exhibition: Joyce Teta | "Openings"
Inter-section Galler
y on Trade St, Winston-Salem, NC | June 1st - July 28th


6 Month Class with John Stevens | Classes at CalligraphyCentre are now in session. January-June 2012.

Classes for Beginners: with Joyce Teta, John Stevens, Barbara Calazori & guest artists. Coming soon: Susan Davis, presenting "Decorated Names"

Cheerio Fall 2012: Christopher Haanes & John Stevens | September 23 — 28, 2012

Joyce Teta- "Refuge"-a place of safety and shelter.
at Sawtooth Center for Visual Art

Joyces' work featuring calligraphic paintings done over the last year. Large and small works, multimedia.

Exhibition: "Refuge" Artists' Reception, Friday, March 23 from 5-7pm. Refuge runs March 20 through June 11

The notice for the opening