The Work of John Stevens, calligrapher, lettering artist & designer:

  • Logotypes
  • Book Jacket Design
  • Packaging & Brand Design
  • Website Design
  • Calligraphic Art
  • Inscriptions on walls & glass

The work of Joyce Teta, calligrapher & book artist:

  • Calligraphic pieces
  • Envelope addressing
  • Wedding & Social calligraphy
  • Poems & Quotes
  • Certificates

Workshops / Learning: Cheerio is a twice a year, week-long retreat with the best calligraphers & book artists as teachers. In addition, we hold workshops from time to time. If you are just getting started and would like some pointers, go to our "How do I get started page".

Oftentimes, John & Joyce work together on projects like weddings, teaching a class, designing a book, etc.
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